The Ultramarathon Mindset: Trail Talk

Ep 102: Spartan Death Race Mindset - Cliff Moitt

Episode Notes

I always thought the Spartan obstacle course races were pretty much like other OCR events. But Cliff Moitt came on the show to talk to me about the Spartan Death Race. The shorter Spartan races don't rise to the level of difficulty you face in the Death Race. 

The Spartan Death Race is designed with mental challenges as well as physical. There are odd items, difficult to obtain, that you have to bring to the race. And before you can begin the race, you have to solve a puzzle. If you can't solve it, you can't even get to the starting line. The starting time is not set, so you have to be ready to go when the announcement is made. 

Cliff offers great insights into the mindset required to train for and compete in this amazing challenge.