The Ultramarathon Mindset: Trail Talk

Ep 107: Run Around the Earth - Tomasz Drybala

Episode Notes

What does it take to run 40,075 kilometers as a self-supported run around the earth? Tomasz Drybala is my guest this week, and he is going to start his around the world run in September of 2022. Starting in New York, he will run to Florida, and then across the southern US. Then he will travel to Asia and eventually finish in Europe.

Tomasz started his self-supported running journey by running 5-million steps in the islands of Indonesia in 101 days. He then ran a self-supported ultramarathon starting in Hanoi, Vietnam, running 11,000 kilometers planning to end in Bali. His run was hindered by lock downs, but he finished his distance anyway, not leaving the country he was in.