The Ultramarathon Mindset: Trail Talk

Trail Talk: It Can't Get Any Worse! - Ciara Carter

Episode Notes

My guest this week is Ciara Carter. Ciara is a runner, personal trainer, health coach, and podcaster. 

Her podcast is called Run, Thrive, Survive, where she talks about running, psychology, and mindset.

I was a guest on her show last week, and she’s a great host. 

She’s also a great guest, and we had a lot of fun talking about running and mindset.

Most of us hate running on a treadmill. In fact, we call it the dread-mill. But Ciara, my guest this week, became a runner because of a treadmill. And she says it happened by accident. 

But running became an important part of her life. And running got her through some dark times in her life. In the year where she kept saying, “It can’t get any worse, can it?” it was running that kept her holding on when things did keep getting worse.