The Ultramarathon Mindset: Trail Talk

Trail Talk: The Run of His Life - Matt Bagwell

Episode Notes

Imagine running 21 consecutive ultramarathons, winding your way through every county in Great Britain.

Matt Bagwell got the idea to create the Run the Country Ultra as a way to raise funds and awareness for mental health and those struggling with anxiety and depression.

Run the Country Ultra will cover 1050 kilometers and have a total elevation gain 16% more than climbing Everest: a total of 10,232 meters.

Matt is an ultra runner, a performance coach, and a breathwork coach and instructor.

His goal is to raise 105,000 pounds ( $140,000) for CALM, the Campaign Against Living Miserably. CALM is an organization working to stem the tide of suicide in Britain.

Connect with Matt:

Website: Love to Learn
Website: Run the Country Ultra